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Weird- Dates are wrong…

I just noticed that all the posts I’ve made over the past week are now showing that I posted them all today (Dec. 15th 2010)… weird… I don’t understand what’s going on. I haven’t updated any of them either.



Here is a really cool and easy way to make a typographic portrait. much easier than trying to do it line by line on top of an image. Photoshop is so cool. I am planing on doing this tutorial soon (haven’t had a chance yet because of finals)  and when I do I will post my results. the image here is of step number 6 I think. All they use is the Displace filter and some Blend Modes to achieve the effect. How cool is that!

The rest of the tutorial is:


“These fabulous, incredibly positive artworks are created by German artist Jeannette Woitzik. Dreamy, romantic, kind, magical …. You can pick up a huge number of such epithets while viewing these artworks and you will be right. Each of her work gives a good mood and force you to believe in magic. We hope that this collection will make your weekend bright and fairytale!”

I absolutely love these, I’m not joking when I say that these have truly inspired me. Maybe when I’m done with the chaos of school I can start doing stuff like this…

My favorites are this one, the one of the open book, the one with the painting within the painting (on the beach), the brick wall curtain and the wall with the stars.

The rest are at:

She make me want to be an illustrator more than a designer…

I came across this website one day and was in awe of the whole concept. I must admit this is one of my new favorite sculptors.

“Sometimes an artist creates something so beautifully simple that it takes your breath away…. literally. […] Artist Jason de Caires Taylor creates life-size cement sculptures of people and submerges them into the waters of South America. As time passes the sculptures become part of the underwater landscape and slowly become artificial reefs ripe with marine life. The process of experiencing artwork out of a traditional gallery and underwater is described with intimately vivid detail on his site. Absolutely incredible execution merging art, life and the wild seas into an ever-evolving textured aesthetic that will hopefully stand the test of time. Although, I wouldn’t hold our breath. […] Wow”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Check out all the images:

I created this image here from a cool photoshop tutorial i found on:

I walks you through it step by step and if fairly straight forward. Mine ended up looking very different from the original tutorial, but I think it’s pretty cool anyways. I think my favorite part is when it tells you how to make the streaky light flares.

Check it out it’s worth it!

This has opened my eyes about layout. I don’t know what else to say…

“The perfect book. This is how designer-genius Jan Tschichold described this system. Not the ok book, nor the pretty good book, but the perfect book.”

This image here is called the Villard Diagram. There is also Van de Graaf Canon and Tschichold’s, Raul Rosarivo’s Gutenberg Canon, Tschichold’s secret canon, and a few others. It has some cool examples too.

I came across this individual because of the website I believe he is an installation artist and the work he dose is purely inspirational.

Check out this video of him:

For some reason, I keep watching this over and over. “the device is a type of attack on photograhy in general, which is being used more and more as a substitute for reality…since the device can manipulate photos, i can also use it to manipulate reality.” and I can’t agree more.

Julius: “The camera is nearly completely normal but with a few changes. I just changed the backside. There is now a little mirror, which I engraved with a laser. On the back there is a flash and the thing that looks like a flash is just fake to distract other photographers. It also hides all the electronics that are necessary for this machine. In fact, the apparatus is not high tech; it could have been constructed 50 years ago. It works with analog as well as digital cameras. This version looks like a press camera so I can sneak it into press conferences.”

I just can’t get over this!


I thought these US dollar redesigns are pretty awesome, aesthetically pleasing , and practical for the most part. I think I like the vertical nature of the layout and the size difference the most overall. I don’t think I would have gone with such saturated colors for all of them. But i like this concept and the direction that it is going right now.

Check out the rest of it at:


I found this post on of all these minimalist posters for real movies. I thought most of them were pretty awesome. There were several that I didn’t get and I think it’s because I haven’t seen the movies. The overall design is good on all of them but it seems like you would have to have seen the movie to unerstand the poster.

Check all of them out at:

Here it is.Yay! I’m finally done.